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Choosing a destination for a snowsports holiday, especially if you have never skied before, can be a minefield. Here at Supreme we have compiled a list of the 5 top tips to help you choose the correct destination for that winter wonderland experience.

1. Price

Snowsports have a reputation for being expensive! This can be true, but if you do your homework there are some great holiday opportunities to be had.

The things to consider when looking for right ski destination for the right price are:

Resort — Some ski areas are more expensive than others, do your research as…

Although we are now in 11 resorts and have an ever-expanding team, we started in Courchevel back in 1991. Founded by Sue and Kenny Dickson and Alan Hole, Supreme was the first British owned ski school in Courchevel and these trail blazers helped pave the way for other British and International schools that have opened since.

The founding team were all passionate, highly experienced and fully qualified instructors, so were an instant success with customers, delivering incredible lessons and providing an unforgettable ski holiday!

As the team grew, we were known for being close, made up of family and friends…

Courchevel 1850

For a lot of people, ski resorts are places that only exist in winter. But the mountains we know and love for five months of the year are permanent homes to residents all year round, as well as an awesome summer holiday destination.

As the end of the winter season approaches and the snow starts to melt, little do ski-holiday makers know that a couple of months later the resort transforms into a sea of green and wildflowers, with cows grazing under the lifts and heaps of activities all over the mountain.

At Supreme, winter will always be our favourite…

Over this festive period, we know many of you would be getting ready to head out to ski with us. As we all prepare for a somewhat unusual Christmas, we thought we’d give you 5 ideas for how to get that familiar ‘ski holiday feeling’ in your front room this year!

The Supreme office in the snow.

1. The firesides’ blazing bright.

Set the cosy chalet mood by lighting the fire. If you don’t have a fire, fear not! Netflix offers a feature which will transform your TV into a fireplace — sound effects and all. Why not whack the heating up to get the full effect? Just type ‘fireplace’ into the Netflix search bar and pick your favourite.

2. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

Light some seasonal-scented candles to really set the scene for the evening, such as these:

  • The White Company ‘Winter’
  • Charles Farris ‘A Winter’s Tale’
  • Neom ‘Christmas Wish’
  • John Lewis ‘Winter Spice’

3. Un vin chaud, s’il vous plait.

It’s Christmas — get the ski-chalet drinks flowing with our homemade vin…

Join us in the beautiful Stubai Valley, Austria for 4 days of professional ski clinics this Autumn.

If you have ever struggled to take your skiing to the next level, our clinics will be the perfect step in the right direction.

There will be plenty of time to soak up the local culture, perfect scenery AND improve your skiing. By the end of the week you’ll be trying your new found skills out in a GS race course, should you be up for the challenge!


First class Coaching — Your coach will be an ISTD BASI Level 4 Instructor qualified…

You’d be hard pressed to find an active skier who hasn’t heard of the Three Valleys.

One of the most famous skiing areas in the world, it boasts breath-taking scenery, world class resorts, and is a huge priority amongst winter sports professionals and amateurs alike.

The Three Valleys consists of Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens, and is the largest skiing area in the world. All three are connected by extensive ski lifts along the mountain slopes. There’s an abundance of pistes, activities and events to get stuck into all year round.

If you aren’t convinced already, we’ve compiled a list…

From November 30th to December 3rd (Thursday to Sunday)

Join us in the beautiful Stubai Valley, Austria for 4 days of professional ski clinics in November.

This trip is the perfect time to ready your skiing skills for the upcoming winter — the Stubai Glacier offers brilliant terrain for free skiing and gives us the perfect opportunity to explore and hone our skiing technique.

A world apart from your typical ski lessons. We will break down your skiing through video analysis, expert coaching and give you personalised technical goals to achieve throughout your training.

If you have ever struggled to take your skiing to the next level, our clinics will be the perfect step in the right…

In an ideal world your warm up routine should be specific to you. The exercises need to target areas where you feel the attention is most needed. Generally speaking, you need to target areas of the body predominantly exercised when skiing.

Why warm up?

· Performance — You will ski better. Your warm up should help prime the muscle to respond better when skiing. Your range of movement, balance, coordination should all be tested in your routine

· Injury prevention — Should you have an accident or sudden unnatural movement you are far less likely to sustain an injury

· Feel better —…

Have you ever got to the finish line of a race course knowing you could have skied a faster line? I think that 99% of us would say absolutely!

Everyone has a different fastest line individual to them, for example Ted Ligety will have a very different line from the more direct Marcel Hirscher. The line of a racer can be determined by the skiers strength, technique, confidence, ski length/radius, inspection, snow conditions, weather conditions, terrain, rut line, set and more.

As you can see there are a lot of factors that contribute to picking your fastest line and we…

Creating large angles whilst keeping weight on the outside ski requires good mobility and flexibility in your hip joints.

Mobility is often overlooked as one of the key physical reasons you may be struggling to reach your technical goals.

If you’re preparing yourself for a ski instructor’s exam, ski season, race training or even your family ski vacation, don’t just focus on the usual cardio program or leg and core work outs. While all of these components are necessary in helping improve your skiing it is also just as important to work on your mobility.

Through my experience working all over the world with ski racers, ski instructors and the average Joe in a ski lesson,

I have come…

Supreme Ski & Snowboard School

Based in France. We are a customer driven ski school, providing professional and fun ski instruction across the best ski resorts in France.

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