Over this festive period, we know many of you would be getting ready to head out to ski with us. As we all prepare for a somewhat unusual Christmas, we thought we’d give you 5 ideas for how to get that familiar ‘ski holiday feeling’ in your front room this year!

The Supreme office in the snow.

1. The firesides’ blazing bright.

2. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…

  • The White Company ‘Winter’
  • Charles Farris ‘A Winter’s Tale’
  • Neom ‘Christmas Wish’
  • John Lewis ‘Winter Spice’

3. Un vin chaud, s’il vous plait.


Join us in the beautiful Stubai Valley, Austria for 4 days of professional ski clinics in November.

Why warm up?

Creating large angles whilst keeping weight on the outside ski requires good mobility and flexibility in your hip joints.

I have come…

Our team…

The Problem — getting excited for skiing again this winter, but unsure which skis you should buy? We’re not surprised — there is far too much choice on the current market! As cool as it would be to have a war chest of skis — a set for every condition imaginable, this is really just overkill… What do we want from our skis? — We want awesomeness. When do we want it? All of the time! — Is this possible? We think so, most of the time anyway!

Supreme Ski & Snowboard School

Based in France. We are a customer driven ski school, providing professional and fun ski instruction across the best ski resorts in France.

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